Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Top Pinterest Picks Hairstyles| July-t-ful Du Jour Day 8

On the first day of July-t-ful Du Jour I introduced the Top Pinterest Picks series with my top fashion picks. Today I am going to go through my beauty board and pick my top favorites! But since my beauty board is a combination of hairstyles, makeup, nail art and hacks, I condensed this post into my top favorite hairstyles and will do a separate one for makeup looks and so on. 

Flying Solo

 Lost in Translation 

Defying Age 



 De Ja Vu 

Classically Messy  

 Crown of Thorns 

 Breath in the Shadows 

Born in the Rays

I noticed in some of my posts you like just pictures which I also sometimes enjoyed. So for this post I decided to just give you my top 10 pictures with my titles instead of explaining underneath each one why I liked it. Look back or check out my previous one and tell me which format you like better in the comments so I know what to do for the next Top Pinterest Picks! I hope you enjoyed!!


And yes I am well aware there are two of the same pictures I just couldn't decide which hair color I liked better so I chose both, haha.  


  1. Great tips!


  2. Loooove all these hairstyles, might have to have my cut shorter again after seeing those


    Simee | Cup Of Simee ♥

    1. Thank you that means so much to me! I know! I just cut 7 inches off my hair and I am loving the shorter hair!


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