Thursday, July 9, 2015

Models Back In the Spotlight| July-t-ful Du Jour Day 5

The question once asked was how did magazine covers change from models to celebrities? But this is no longer the case with models popping up on not only magazines, but people's everyday conversations. Know the names Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, or Karlie Kloss? Now how about Daphne Groeneveld, Jessica Hart, or Caroline Brasch Neilsen? Even if you may know all of them, chances are the first three ring a bell a lot quicker. The reason why is based on model's popularity of the time period, the second three were part of a list compiled of the top models in 2010. During this time models didn't have that big of a role in the public eye. So the new question is, how and why have the models climbed back to the top and become more involved with the public eye? 

Before models had the chance to express their personalities & hobbies they were mostly viewed as blood sucking parasites who fueled jealously. By being an example of societies definition of "perfection," a beautiful face and a skinny body. Obviously models don't talk to the audience on the runway and watching interviews of them wasn't really accessible or necessarily desirable. This means almost the whole world was left to judge by the outside, never the voice.

Instagram-created in 2010, gained fame in 2012. Twitter-created in 2006,grew in popularity in 2012. Snapchat-launched in 2011, began to increase in popularity in 2012. You can definitely see a trend here. This gave models (and of course everyone else) a chance to show their true colors.But the creation of social media didn't solely drive our new view it is the millions of people who take part in it. Fans follow these models to see a more intimate (although not completely real) view of their life, because lets face it we are nosy.  
For example, Cara Delevingne's (it is my goal to know how to spell her last name without looking it up)instagram is full of her pulling funny faces and poses ones we would never be able to see if the camera man were in charge. Karlie Kloss encourages her fans to ask her question to build relationships between them, which she would almost never be able to do before. 

Binx Walton and Gigi Hadid along with Cara Delevingne all landed on my doorstep (more like in mailbox) this year. They were all on the cover of Vogue creations ending the age old question...sort of. 

My new question is are the models on the cover of the magazine because of their work behind the camera or the fact that social media has made them "celebrities." 

Thank you for reading these are my favorite types of posts to write because I just start with an idea and think of more questions and ideas as a begin to type. So you are basically seeing the inner workings of my thoughts on "paper."



  1. Love reading posts like this, I aspire to work in magazine print and journalism! Loving your blog, I've followed over on blog loving:)

    B x

    1. Thank your comment means so much to me! Just keep following your dream of journalism, I am rooting for you! :) I will definitely follow you back thanks for letting me know!


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