Friday, July 3, 2015

Skincare Routine| July-t-ful Du Jour Day 2

When I did my announcement for July-t-ful Du Jour I mentioned that I wanted to branch off a little from strictly fashion so I decided to fulfill that today with my skincare routine. I tried to include a majority of the products I use in the morning and night, I am pretty sure I included everything except for perfume and deodorant, haha. I hope you enjoy this break from routine(with a routine)! 

These are the products I use before I start my day. 

1. Pink Grapefruit Acne scrub 
This face wash is great when my skin needs a little extra care. It has a lovely scent and is full with little pink beads that help remove dead skin. It also has salicylic acid to help unclog pores. I only ever use it once a day, mainly in the mornings, because it tends to dry out my skin when used for a continous period of time. I feel it would work best if you have problematic, oily skin, I wouldn't recommend for those who have dry skin already, for it may be too harsh. 

2. Vasanti Brighten Up
Sometimes I will substitute the Neutrogena wash for the Vasanti Brighten up! This wash scrub also contains gritty beads to remove the dead skin from my face, but it lacks salicylic acid. Because of this, it is less of a acne wash and more of  "wake up."

2. Olay Mostrizer and Sun screen 
Since it is summer I like to use this Olay moisturizer before I start my day because it moisturizes while protecting my face from the sun. 

3. Origins CC cream
If I feel like I want a little more coverage I use my Origins CC cream. This also has SPF, but it is tinted so I can cover up any imperfections.
These are the products I use before I go to bed.

1.  Clairsonic 
At night I like to use my Clairsonic Mia along with its face wash. This allows me to get a deeper clean which is especially important after all the sweat and gunk build up on my face after a hot summer day. The face wash lathers really nicely and the vibrating brush helps to really get a deep clean. I first wet my brush and my face, then apply the wash to my face, I then use the brush for the deepest clean possible. The brush has a 2 minute timer where it will stop automatically. 

2. Nivea Moisturizer
I use this moisturizer mainly for my face at night. This is because it has no perfume scent that will irritate my skin. Unlike the Olay cream it has no SPF which is perfect since I certainly don't need that extra protection before I go to bed. (There is no label on it because I ripped it off so it would look nicer on my nightstand)

3. Body lotion
I have been using this Bath & Body Works, Peach & Honey Almond triple moisture on the rest of my body before bed. It has a great scent and works very nicely. Unfortunately, I am running dangerously low on this product, but I have a stock pile under my nightstand waiting for me. So when I finally do run out of this cream I can just switch it out for a different one. 

There is no set time I use these products so I lumped them all over here. 

 1. Whish Hair Inhibiting Gel 
This product is a 2-in-1, it works as a moisturizer, but I mainly use it after I have taken a shower since it is also a hair inhibitor. I haven't used this product enough to tell if it really works, but once I formulate an opinion I will tell you here.  

 2. Marcelle Clay Mask 
A once in while I like to use a clay mask. I have used others in the past, but I just got sent this one that I have been trying out. Same with the Whish hair inhibiting gel this is fairly new so I want to wait until I am able to give you my true opinion. I almost didn't want to include these products because of this, but decided to share with you my full routine at the moment. 

3. Real Chemistry Peel 
This product is different from anything I ever had before. Baiscally I first wet my face and then apply the product in circular motions. It then removes dead skin and any blackheads. This product works really well for me. The only downside is it doesn't spread that easily, meaning that I need a lot of product to cover my whole face evenly (which is a problem since it is the travel size). 

These are more or less the products I use on my skin if you click on the pictures I included links to places you can purchase these products (except for the Bath & Body Works cream since it was part of their fall collection). I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the next July-t-ful Du Jour post on July 5th!


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