Sunday, July 5, 2015

Birkenstocks| July-t-ful Du Jour day 3

I have been seeing Birkenstocks popping up on youtube and circling in pinterest (it is obnoxious how much I mention this site). There is a classic saying with these "ugly ducklings," you either love them or you hate them. How you feel about them is your own business, but I have started a poll over on my google+ page and am interested in the results. If you are one that is all for Birkenstocks here are some of my favorite examples to use as inspiration!
This look includes the classic black pair of birkenstocks. It dresses it up with the long trench coat nd patterned bag.
This look also has the classic black, but instead of trying to dress it up this look is more casual. The only thing I would recommend is to roll up the pant leg to add more shape and look a little less sloppy.
Of course you need to love to experiment with fashion and styling to pull this look off. It is a mix between bother the casual and  "formal." The long trench coat and hat adds a classier vibe, but the socks paired with the birkenstocks are from the other end of the spectrum. The simple white sheath dress adds a necessary base to balance the two looks in one.
But if you are a little more bold in your choices go for the metallic birkenstocks. (Just add metallic spray paint to a pair of birkenstocks to get this look).Keeping the rest of this outfit neutral allows the shoes to stand out and act as the accessory.  

Have fun with styling Birkenstocks with different colors and patterns!



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