Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bloggers You Need to Check Out| July-t-ful Du Jour Day 6

For some reason this intro has been so difficult for me to write I think I am just overtired and overthinking.But I will push through and try my best! I think the problem is there is not much to say I love writing blog posts, but I equally love reading others. We all share the same passion more or less and it is interesting to see the different perspectives of each blogger/artist(at least for me it is). It is also great to get inspiration for future posts especially when I am doing one every other day now. So here are my top 5 not so guilty reads...

5. Who What Wear 
 Their posts have everything that is happening in fashion at the moment it really helps me keep up with celebrity style and some of the newest trends. There posts are to the point, but include everything you need to know and have interesting topics.

4. A Girl, Obsessed
You can expect a post everyday from this lovely website. It has everything from beauty to life tips and blogging advice. The design is super cute consisting of white and pink making it super sleek yet cute. The content is really great and the photos are of high quality. 

3. Viva Luxury 
Annabelle Fleur has killer style and great quality pictures on her site to prove it. Every other day you can expect an outfit post from her! What is equally as incredible as her is that she has been on blogger since 2011 never having to switch to her own domain and website!

2. ELla-La Petite Anglaise
I first discovered Ella Catliff in an article in Teen Vogue, ever since then I have been visiting her site, captivated by the high quality content and pictures that show up every weekday. She has outfit posts, travel, beauty, and special events. 

1. The Blonde Salad

Expect a post multiple times everyday from the Blonde Salad! Besides the killer name there is amazing content and website design. Similar to Who What Wear, it ranges in topics (while staying along the topic of fashion), but there is also some of the funkiest yet most beautiful styling I have ever seen. The design of the site exudes a cool and retro feel that I envy! It is altogether a great blog!

These are just some of my favorite blogs, follow me over in the comments below your favorite blogs, I am always looking out for new artists!



  1. Good blogroll ! I always check who what wear it's a great source of inspiration !

    1. Thank you!! I know right! I am loving your blog also :), thanks for sharing!


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