Du Jour means something currently fashionable or popular, in French. Although I am not French, I recently started to learn the language, making this a great opportunity to show off my work.In my blog, you will read my many different takes and contributions to the fashion (& maybe beauty) World. But before you start reading, I want to tell you a little about how I got to create Du Jour.

   Once upon a time there was a little eight-year-old girl who received a fashion kit for Christmas; from that day on she always has been astounded by the World of fashion. The infinite hours of picking out outfits, dressing up for fun & shopping; that little girl was me. I had always dreamed of a job as a designer, stylist, working with magazines, etc. I was one of those girls who would make fake fashion magazines out of paper,and set up photo shoots with my cousin. I even asked for a mannequin for my birthday one year, I use it to plan out my school or fancier event outfits. But, I recently started a very demanding school that requires full focus which has eaten up a lot of my creative time. This is why growing up in New York City, has been such a blessing. I am constantly exposed to the influential people and works of art, already known and those waiting to be discovered.  Never the less, I do enjoy my "lazy" fashion discoveries. I am guilty of reading "Instyle" and "Vogue" magazines before I go to bed, sketching new looks and watching endless hours of "Project Runway."
   Now with the Internet, we are opened to a whole new expression of the art. I began to notice people who also shared and expressed their love through blogs/vlogs. I was hooked! For a while I only limited myself to one work, but I started to explore my options and saw the immense amount of people showing their different opinions and takes on fashion and beauty. I always debated on whether or not I should do the same, but never knew if I would have the time. I finally bit the bullet and here I am today, contributing to the world of fashion, I found so elusive to contribute to before. So, if you are one who is indecisive, and unsure whether or not you would like to enter this realm-go for it, you never know what can happen!