Friday, November 28, 2014

DIY Christmas decorations

I would be lying if I said i didn't start decorating my room 2 weeks earlier! This year I am so anxious for the Christmas season that I decided to show you some crafts that I have made. I know this post is a little different from my previous posts (which you should totally check out by the way, they are kind of awesome), but interior design is also fashion. Just like the different styles in clothing, your home decor has the same variety of styles, which reflects who you are. This holiday season your bedroom, dorm, living room or whatever you are decorating, can show that you are a super festive person with these simple crafts. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The woman who made us brankrupt

I remember watching a movie about the iconic Coco Chanel, when I was younger. Since then, I had always been amazed on what she accomplished. I was recently given an assignment on researching a historical topic, and this is where I rekindled my amazement and respect for her.
     Gabrielle Chanel was born into a poor family in Saumur, France, 1883. Her mother died when she was just a young girl and her father gave her up to an orphanage. There she learned how to sew, allowing her to land her first job as a seamstress. At the same time, she earned her famous nickname, "Coco," working as singer. Who would have thought she would grow to be such an icon. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Passé Replay

Could you possibly be wearing the same outfit your mom wore when she was your age! So many styles that people wear today were actually worn many years before. I always wondered what styles wriggled their way back into my wardrobe. Here are two styles that started off as particular wear & now made their comeback as a fashion statement in the 21st century. (Of course these aren't exactly the outfits your mom wore) 

1. High Waisted Bottoms
 In the 1940s the men had set sails to participate in the war effort. Now the the women were home alone and gave them their chance to show their skills. This is where the iconic picture of "Rosie" comes into play, a woman flexing her arms, wearing a red bandana, with the caption "We Can Do It." Girl power! The women began to work in factories, the same time when companies such as Levis created the high waisted jeans. The high waisted jeans provided comfort along with modesty for the working women. 

 Now fast forward to the present, you can spot someone wearing high waisted jeans on the street. I, myself am guilty of owning a few pairs of this style of pants. There are many ways to style this versatile piece. Of course you can just wear as them as regular jeans, but now with the boring way aside here are some outfits for the more adventurous fashionista. Crop tops are another big trend that have found their way back into many wardrobes, and high waisted pants are a perfect way to rock them with modesty. You can also wear regular length shirts and tuck them into the front of your jeans to add instant style. If you are planning on wearing the flared style of these pants go for a tighter top, so you don't completely lose your shape. 

3. Overalls
Overalls, like the high waisted pants were used by working class people in the 19th century. They allowed the people to work, while keeping the dirt off their clothes. The fabric of the overalls were used to determine your field of work. White overalls were associated with professional painters, blue jeans were worn by the farmers, and green overalls were the choice of the Wall Street bankers. 
  Now designers use different choices of fabric, such as leather to give the former "slops," a new spin, and officially bring it into every-day fashion. Overalls are a little more difficult to style, if you do it wrong you might look like you just finished a shift on the farm. After you find the perfect fit, try pairing it with fancier pieces to contrast the look of the traditional "slops." Overalls are another opportunity to wear a crop top showing a sliver of skin on the side, but if this isn't your style, don't worry I got you covered. Wear a regular length top with a statement necklace, this will stile allow you to show your style, while remaining modest. One tip I have though, is try to avoid wearing casual boots, in some cases it will look AMAZING(if it is a fancier boot or fabric of the overall), in other scenarios you will be traced back to the working farmer style. Just remember to have fun experimenting with these risky styles. 

  Are there any styles you wish can come back?