Monday, July 27, 2015

MOM JEANS?!?!| July-t-ful Du Jour Day 14

 I have seen it more and more and I am sure you have too...we can't pretend it is not creeping its way out of the old dusty pile of fashion faux pas, that is not hauntingly cuter than it seemed when we were kids, the fact that we have to admit mom actually does know best. All the rumors, the fears, and gut wrenching admittance is true there is a new jean trend in town, one scarier than the rest, MOM JEANS (duhn, duhn, duhn)!!

Yep it is true the once seemingly lazy and hilariously humiliating Saturday Night Skit is now a new trend. But this isn't all bad, now we are given the power to change the bad name that was given to mom jeans with just a little bit of styling.  

Add Modern Pieces
In order to avoid looking like you are trapped inside that unforgiving time period, pair some modern and bolder pieces of the younger generation. For example a bold coat, a statement necklace, or a nice crop top. 

Avoid Frumpy 
 Mom Jeans are pretty baggy, which I am thankful for, the whole constricting skinny jean thing is no longer my...thing. But with this extra looseness you have to be careful to what you add on top, make sure it is tight fitting or structured, whether it is the cut or tying off a tee. 

The Exception 
There is one exception to that rule, flowy crop or cinched tops. It is more flattering when it is cropped or cinched because it still adds definition to your body to avoid the look of drowning. 

The Shoes
When it comes to Mom Jeans for me the shoes make or break the outfit. Whether it be a classic pump, a cute kitten flat, a nice boot, or something out of the blue when you are taking the risk with mom jeans here s where you go all out. 

I hope you enjoyed & thank you for being patient with me while I was away, I swear I am back on schedule and there should will be new and exciting posts coming up soon. That being said leave suggestions of what you would like to see next in the comments. Also I don't know if I say this enough or at all, but if you click on any of these pictures it will bring you to the sites where I found these lovely ladies' outfits. 


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