Friday, July 17, 2015

My Bag Essentials| July-t-ful Du Jour Day 9

For this post I decided to give you a peek inside my bag to see my top essentials!


I switch purses so often that I can't even keep up, but the one I have been using most often recently is this one from Forever 21. It has a modern square shape to it with gold hardware on the four corners. There are two separate straps, a crossbody and two smaller straps that can be worn on your arm. I usually wear it with the smaller straps and tuck the longer straps inside because unfortunately it is not detachable. One of my main problems with this bag is that it has no zipper or buttons to keep it closed so it is completely open (one of the reasons I carry it with the two smaller straps). I am not sure if the bag is still in stock since I purchased it on Cyber Monday. 

 My first essential is my LG smartphoen, its not the best thing I ever used, but it does its job. I purchased this cute case from Amazon it is great quality being that is super protective and has a pull out stand on the back to prop it up. 

 Next I have my lip products! I love EOS lip balm and have been using them for years so that is a must no matter my location. If I want a little more color and shine to my lips I will use either my NYC Glossy Lip Balm (which smells exactly like sweedish fish, yum!) or Baby Lips which you probably all have tried by now. I would recommend all of these products because they do their job pretty damn well. 

Hand Cream 
 As I have mentioned multiple times I am obsessed with moisturizers and it doesn't stop when I leave the house. I usually bring along travel size ones from my Birchbox. 

Hand Sanitizer
Pocket sized hand sanitizer is so useful and a must for anyone on the go. This one is just from Bath & Body Works in the scent Sweet Pea. But on my last trip there I noticed that they came out with a new bottle shape and I am oddly excited. 

Pocket Sized or Rollerball Perfume
 Everyone loves to smell good (i hope) so when I need a little extra something during the day having a small perfume is great! I have been carrying around the Abercrombie Hadley perfume which I am not the biggest fan of, and I have no idea why I carry it around with me! But I have been testing the Sephora Favorites Perfumes and once I pick a favorite I will switch it out (I can also do a review of all of them if you would like). 

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
 My hair gets super frizzy on hot days and no frizz free products seem to work for me (if you have suggestions let me know), so bobby pins and hair ties save my day. 


This wallet from Charming Charlies is super cute and adds the slightest bit of color in my bag. The inside pockets are lined with big bold Black and Gray stripes for an extra flair. 

I hope you enjoyed the peek inside my purse and a look at my essentials! What are your go to purse essentials? 



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