Monday, July 20, 2015

Everything You Need To Know When Styling Patterns| July-t-ful Du Jour Day 10

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this, but I have been driving for the past two days and at the moment I am in Montreal. The wifi in my other hotel wasn't working on my laptop, so I couldn't get a post up. But today I am going to post about pairing patterns with patterns. When I was little for Christmas I got a fashion magazine making kit. I remember one of the articles I wrote with markers and glitter was about how it would be a fashion disaster if you mix patterns. But now I know that you CAN mix patterns together, but keep in mind these simple if you follow these simple steps. Luckily I found a whole board dedicated to mixing patterns on Kelly R.'s pinterest board.

Stick with the same color pallet 
sticking with the same color pallet will  create a cohesive look

Different sizes
The smaller size pattern will act as a base in comparison to the bolder one  

Break the Patterns up with Solids

I am sorry this post is one day late, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! Are you going to be trying to pair patterns?


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