Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Desirables of April

Happy 20th Blog Post! For my twentieth blog post I wanted to do something a little different so I am going to do my April favorites, essentially the fashion pieces I have been loving this April. 

Big Chunky Boyfriend Sweater      
It is actually a little embarrassing how much I wore this sweater, but that doesn't mean I am going to stop. I bought this sweater from forever 21 after a year long search for the perfect oversized cardigan.  It is a thicker knit that helped keep me warm throughout the winter under my down jacket and now in the warmer months I wear it on its own.  The cream color makes it super easy to pair with any style, color, or pattern. 

Nike Roshe
You may have seen my post from a while back, What a Girl Wants, where I spoke about what I wanted for my birthday. These sneakers were at the top of my list and I am so happy and thankful that I got them. I had to wait such a long time to wear them since the winter was so brutal here in New York, but they were well worth the wait. The dilemma I always faced with running shoes were I never felt they looked good with my outfits, but the black and white simplistic design of these shoes add a subtle sporty touch to any outfit. These shoes are also incredibly comfortable, the thick platform makes you feel like your walking on air and the material is thin so it is super breathable. 

Constellation Necklace
I love the look of jewelry but for some reason I am always too lazy to put any on if it is not a special occasion. But I have worn this necklace from Express every single day since I got it. The simplicity of it makes it just the perfect touch to add to any outfit.

American Eagle 
Every time I have walked into American Eagle this month I have fallen in love with almost everything in there. I have been wearing their jeans and soft&sexy line of shirts this whole month. The super high-rise maroon jeggings are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever owned. The high rise fit lets me wear my favorite crop tops and had an extra flair with shirts tucked in. The soft & sexy shirts are so comfortable and come in countless styles making them super versatile

Clothing Rack
This last favorite is not a fashion piece, but I still want to mention it. I recently bought this clothing rack from Home Goods(one of my favorite stores) for only $12! It allows me to see my clothes more clearly than in my closet or dresser and adds little pops of color to my room. 

Those are all the things I loved in April, unless I forgot something which I probably did. I hope you enjoyed! What were your favorites in April?



  1. Love the oversized cardigan! ^-^


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