Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Melting Pot of Fashion

Growing up in New York (A.K.A. the melting pot) I have been exposed to so many different cultures. Having this opportunity is such a blessing and has allowed me to explore what else is beyond my personal bubble. When the Met Gala came along, one of my favorite fashion events, this year's theme sent a spark running through my veins. The theme was China:Through the looking glass and the outfits certainly didn't disappoint. But why stop at China? Plenty of other cultures have influenced our clothing today in beautiful ways. 

There are so many different fashion brands that revolve around the vibrant culture of Africa. The different patterns and the pops of color so bold that you would never think they would look so beautiful together. Some brands that embrace the African culture in every aspect of their clothing line are, &  The clothing of these sites and many others will breathe new life into your monochromatic wardrobe. 

Chinese fashion is a little more sophisticated. Although color is used more sparingly the intricate designs of their clothing is what makes them stand out. If they are planning to steal the show with color it tends to be their vibrant red or eye-catching gold. The website city weekend has a list of the top 15 brands to check out if you are looking too put more diversity in your closet. 

South America
South America is known for their loudness and knowledge of how to have a good time. Of course this is also reflected in their clothing with ethnic prints that would make any dull color appear bold. I knew I found the perfect brand when I clicked the link on  and immediately I found a man in a neon green wrestling suit smoking a pipe. This brand consists of simple t-shirts that have fun prints or spanish sayings.

There are so many other cultural brands out there, but you may not even have to go as far to find them. Many of the clothing in your average store could be inspired from a different continent whether it be their prints, color, shape etc. Which ethnic fashion do you love the most? 



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