Sunday, May 24, 2015

How To Survive Finals Week (Without Looking Like it)+DIYs

I know most of you are in the same boat as me right now I have Regents, SAT subject tests, and finals all packed into June. These hectic last couple of weeks makes it difficult to juggle studying and free time, and almost impossible to look presentable on top of that. Of course no one is going to care what you look like on most days, but I know I don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed (even if I did). In order to overcome this challenge here are a few tips and tricks to have a slightly above average finals week. 

Creaseless Hair Ties
This may not be something you thought of, but is definitely useful. I for one hate having my hair in my face, especially during tests. So these creaseless hair ties will keep your hair super cute and will look equally as adorable on your wrist, without leaving behind that unsightly red mark. But for something as simple as this, don't go to a store and spend upwards to $12. Instead go to your local crafts store, pick up some elastic ribbons, tie them to the length you need (the size of your wrist), and tie it off..that simple. 

Cozy Flannels

Here is a classic way to stay warm and cute. Bring along your favorite comfy, oversized flannel for when the A.C. kicks in during testing. If it is too hot, luckily tying a flannel around your waist  is in style! So the flannel is the perfect versatile piece for testing. 

Comfy Leggings & Flowy Pants 
Leggings are always a go-to for me, but why not take advantage of the flowy pants trend. I bought two pairs just today! They are so comfortable and way more stylish than ordinary leggings. Plus they will keep you cool in the warmer months. 


 It is a given to wear flats during testing, but if you are wearing flowy pants sneakers aren't going to cut it. So a simple shoe is the perfect choice for this outfit, but remember we are trying to keep it fashionable. So try a pointed toe or a pop of color. 

Graphic Tees

If your pants are super busy opt out for a basic, solid tee. But if you are keeping it simple, go for a clever graphic tee. They will put a smile on your classmates' faces and lighten the mood of the dreary day. You of course can also make this yourself(I will be doing a blog post on this in the future). 

I hope you found this helpful and GOOD LUCK on any of the exam, project, presentation, etc. you may have!!


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