Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How the Voice of Fashion Changed

My last blog post is evident to where I have been for the past 3 weeks, but I am finally free and ready to start posting on schedule again(every weekend). I have done a couple posts already of how fashion has changed and been influenced over time because I find it so interesting. But I never truly focused on the cause for this turnover.

Even before the beautiful creation of the internet people looked up to others in the spotlight on how to act. Why? Although I am guilty of it myself I can't understand why. Is it because we think of them as our role model even if we haven't met him or her before. Or do we believe in being like them we too will gain success

My mom brought up an article in a local newspaper of how the new generation is rejecting many of the popular shops and restaurants in the 80s. Two of these restaurants were fast food. At first I thought it was because more and more people are becoming increasingly health conscious. But it isn't super recent that people found out that this type of food is not healthy so is the reason for this change because it is no longer "trendy." Think about it, you will see people tweeting about how they love chipotle or posting a picture on instagram of the In & Out burger sign. But Mc Donalds and Wendy's don't seem to make the cut

One thing that has gone out of style that was even more of an eye opener was Gap. Gap has been losing business since the millennium age is becoming more prominent. My mom then brought up the fact that I too never seem to shop there. My responded with something that was so quick to my mind, "Aren't the clothes there expensive?" But what I wasn't prepared for was when she retorted saying how I still shop at other stores such as American Eagle and Urban Outfitters which are also ridiculously expensive. That is when I realized even though the Gap is in my local mall never once had it crossed my mind to go check out what they have in store. 

So what has caused plaid to go from nerdy school girl to hipster? It is no longer just the famous celebrities that influence our style, but now it is a whole new personal level. I am guilty of spending hours pinning, reblogging, and watching regular people share the thoughts on different trends. Our "celebrities" are being replaced by people who we actually know the thoughts, feelings, and voices of. It is amazing to know that we can see and share our own opinions, but is this a blessing or a curse

When I tie a flannel around my waist I die a little inside because I know that so many people have brought their hands through the same motions with the same output--unoriginal. Is this bombardment with people's opinions on stores they shopped at, restaurants they ate at, places they went, products they used, slowly hitting the backspace button on our individuality

My pinterest board has 884 pins and 477 likes, my tumblr is streaming with fashion blogs, my subscription box is overflowing with youtubers. But is all of this filling my head with desires of things I know I will most likely never attain. I know I can not look flawless after a run (trust me I am wheezing after a mile), I know I will not have a floor to ceiling makeup supply, I know I can not look like I just hopped off the runway in every picture I take or every outfit I wear. 

So what is the point? Why do we choose Chipotle over Mc Donalds? Why do we spend hours of our life "liking" things we most likely will not have? Why do we choose American Apparel over Gap? Are we making decisions based on what we like? Based on the opinions of people we admire? Or based on the fact that if we like this thing, eat this food, shop at this store, we will be considered "hip" and fit into society.

Has fashion and society's voice always been a drone that is brain washing us into what to do? Well now is the time to change that I dare all of you to wear whatever makes you feel the best in tomorrow, even if you haven't seen it posted on social media(as long as its not footsie pajamas to work). We always need someone to set the new trends



  1. This is really interesting, I loved reading it!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

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