Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

I feel like every post i do after my last one will be a little hypocritical, but the point was not to completely ignore trends. I love following fashion and getting inspiration, but the point was to wear what you feel confident in and what you truly love. Anyway since the first day of summer was yesterday you are going to be wearing sunglasses a lot more often this season. They not only provide instant protection against those damaging UV rays (Wow I actually sound like I know something), but they also provide that extra umph that makes you look like you are a badass. But really you just stay home watching netflix all day and only actually go outside (outside I know shocking)to take a instagram to make it look like you are having the best summer of your life. But who knew that you could look even better with a sunglass shape that is a perfect fit for your money maker,your face. The shape of your face can determine the difference between 40 likes and 500,000,000 likes (not really but lets just go with it), so what are you waiting for, probably for me to stop typing this intro so lets get started!

First you have to determine your face shape, the different shapes are shown above. Determining this will let you know what frame shape you should get when purchasing sunglasses or any type of glasses for that matter. You are having a really difficult time figuring out your face shape, pullback all your hair, look in the mirror and outline your face with a makeup pencil, lipstick, or dry erase marker. This will hopefully help you determine your shape.Of course there are many different options in these styles I gave you a few of different price ranges without going over $50. I wanted to give a variety of stores based on the availability to you. (You could also laugh at my failed attempt to somewhat replicate the face shape with the way I poisoned the glasses).


I decided to merge Oval and oblong together since they are so similar. An oval/oblong face the shape is longer than it is wide, the oblong of course is slightly longer. With this shape you can pull off almost any shape you want, just try not to go too small or big based on the size of your face! An oval/oblong face the shape is longer than it is wide. The three best shapes for you are aviator (top left), Oversized (top right), and Wayfarer (bottom).   


If you have a proportional prominent forehead and jaw your face shape is a square. In order to compliment your face shape not overpower it go for softer more rounded frames like the aviator (top left), sports glasses (bottom left), and the circle frames. 


This face shape can also be referred to as the circle, you have full cheeks and a narrow forehead and jaw. Stay away from circular shapes because they will clash with your natural beauty. Instead go for more structure frames to compliment your shape, such as the wayfarer (top left), The square frames (top right), or cat eye (bottom).


The heart shaped face leads up to the narrowest part the jaw. Great options for this shape are the cat eye (top left), the wayfarer (top  right) and the square frames (bottom). 

I hope you found this helpful for your sunglass hunting needs. What are your summer plans? 


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