Friday, January 9, 2015

What a Girl Wants

My birthday is 6 days away and my relatives are all asking me what I want. I've been pretending like I haven't seen their messages, but I know I will have to face it sometime. When I was little asking me what I wanted was never a problem, but now I don't know what to say. {Tip: Don't say nothing, because my friend did that one year and and her family literally got her nothing for her birthday :(} Instead of avoiding it any longer, I created my wishlist (for fashion) and decided to share it with all of you if you struggle with the same indecisiveness I do. 

1. A Nice Watch

Nice watches are a great and sensible fashion statement. They have become more and more popular over these past years and are great for some extra arm candy or just simply for practicality. 

2. Sneakers
When picking out shoes for back to school shopping I had my thoughts set on the black and white Nike running shoes. Unfortunately my dreams did not come true and I had to settle with a pair similar,  which instead  had a pink outlining on them. These sneakers are great especially since my school is big on track. But we also have gym everyday (I know), and since I only have one pair of sneakers I usually have to bring them  home for the weekend and back to school for the rest of the week, not including times I need them for after school clubs . I want to be able to have a second pair of sneakers (preferably the Nike Roshe) so I don't have to lug my other ones back and forth. Also on days I need or want to wear sneakers I can have ones that look stylish and go with everything at my finger tips. 
         A more casual & less expensive sneaker I would like is the all black converse or white converse. You may be thinking I am afraid of color, but having a color that matches all outfits is essential for me. Of course they will not be the best if you are planning on using them for sport related activities, but they are still super cute for a casual and comfortable outfit.  

3.Cute Snow boots 
Today it snowed in the morning and when I was picking out what shoes to wear I realized none of my winter boots fit me! Since I live in New York having snow boots is essential. So I decided to do some research and I found these really cute Ugg boots on pintrest, so I went on the website to try to find them, but I couldn't! I then put them on The Hunt and somebody found them! Unfortunately it turns out they were for boys (I still really like them though). Now I may have to start my search all over again in order to find these perfect snow boots  

4. Boyfriend & Knee-ripped jeans

I have been loving  knee ripped & boyfriend jeans trend on their own, but together it is the perfect blend of classy and edgy. This is a  must-have in your wardrobe, it is a great alternative for a casual day when you still want to remain fashionable. 


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