Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Results Are In

The Whats your style pole on my blog is officially over, and the number one style is (drumroll please), Casual. I actually wasn't surprised when seeing this, but the more I thought about it the more I wondered how fashion went from not leaving the house without a corset constricting your ribs, to going outside in the clothes you slept in. Well I did my research and found out how exactly fashion has turned, so i decided to share  it with you. 

Fashion and trends are not something that changes on its own it reflects the interests of people, icons or maybe a change from in normal society. 

Victorian Fashion- The women wore dresses of frivolity with ruffles and bows. But underneath these extravagant gowns were rib-constricting corsets and steel cages imprisoning their waste. 

The Roaring Twenties-The next big transition took place during the 20s. Skirts were loose fitting and brought up to "scandalous heights" ending only at the knee and paired with plunging necklines. These flapper dresses were adorned with beads and usually paired with extravagant headwear.

The Golden Age- After the war and Great Depression women had a reason to celebrate, this new hope shone through with the fun dresses of the fifties. Conformity was no longer needed for women in fashion and clothing varied from fit and flare to sack dresses with no shape. 

The Disco Age- This was a period of grooviness with high waisted pants, bell bottom jeans and platform boots. The fabrics were made of bright polyester patterns sure to catch the eye of anyone today.

The Eighties- This period began with subdued earth tones and later bursted out with bright and loud colors. Women's clothing ranged from baggy sweaters to tight leggings and leotards. This was definitely an interesting point in fashion where people would walk outside with teased hair and crazy makeup. 

The 90s- The 90s was another period of great diversity ranging from bright baggy clothing to the alternative grunge look. This period was one filled with mullets, turtlenecks, hammer pants, scrunchies and jeans galore. It then transitioned to the grunge look where all the teenagers rummaged through their parents drawers and wore old ripped jeans and flannels(sound familiar).

The 21st century- the period you are living now, your closet is the new fashion turning point in history. Do you think you will look back at pictures of yourself and think, "Why on Earth would I walk out of the house looking like that?"

Here is another quick video on how beauty has changed over 100 years 

Youtube: original channel now/Cut video
P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts, my excuse=midterms, must I say more.

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