Friday, February 20, 2015

TVs Influence on Fashion

Friends, How I Met your Mother, , Full House, Seinfeld, I can go on and on. The reason I mention all of these titles is because chances are these shows have made their way back into your vocabulary and free time. I too am guilty of watching constant reruns, but never realized their affect in recent fashion. These 'classic' sitcoms may have influenced your clothing choices in two possible ways, one that is much more obvious than the other.
Here is the obvious way first, graphic tees.  There are tons of graphic tees that either have the logo or references of the tv show that only fellow viewers will understand. Since graphic tees are a common clothing item they are a super easy and versatile piece.
If you want a cute & girly look you can pair your graphic tee tucked into a skater skirt (make sure not to pick a pattern that clashes), knee-high socks, chunky sandals, dainty jewelry, a curly ponytail, and a bold pink lip. (Of course the items you pair your tee with can vary based on the style and season).
 On the opposite end of the spectrum, an edgier look, tie the bottom half of your tee into a little knot on the side to give an effortless look, pair it with dark wash/black knee ripped jeans, funky cat eye or round lens sunglasses, chunky boots, half up half bun do, keep your makeup neutral to lighten up the look. 

But all these tv shows and there eras may be creeping there way back into shops and your closets in a way that isn't so obvious. One example is overalls, if you want a more in depth version of how to style them check out my first blog post.    
These shows have also swapped out your sweaters for flannel, reliving the soft grunge era.

How about 'That 70s show?' Obviously the time period of this show was centered around the 70s, which seems to be designers new focus for the upcoming seasons. New York Fashion Week has recently came to an end & one of the biggest trends was 70s flair. You may be thinking that this inspiration could be from many things, but if you weren't watching reruns of a show you love would you dress the way the characters do?

Take a closer look in your closet and try to figure if each piece is influenced by something else you love. 


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