Friday, February 27, 2015


When scrolling through online shopping sites i come across words such as beret, bucket, cowboy, bowler, fedora, beanie, and no these are not some typos they are all different types of hats. I feel as though this accessory has been somewhat neglected, how many of you know what a cloche or Bretton hat looks like? Our hat problems will soon come to a close, because i will show you some different types of hats you can wear everyday, also showing you example outfits and style tips for each, but make sure to mix and match to achieve your own individual look.

Knit Beanies

Beanies are my first pick because they have become one of the most worn, especially now in the colder months. These hats create a nice relaxed feel to any outfit and come in an arrange of colors, patterns, styles, and embroideries. Since these beanies are so casual they do not need much dressing up. You can easily pair it with a bold sweater, Black/dark wash skinny jeans (to not overpower the outfit), a knapsack and some classic black boots. For a more glamorous outfit, instead go for a simpler sweater, a statement necklace, black or colorful skinny jeans, to add interest,bright or black bedazzled clutch(depending on your pants) and black pumps. For hair don't go too crazy with some cute side braids.   


opposite of beanies, fedoras are more classy and mostly worn in warmer weather. To play off the classic feel of the fedora go for a sleek black blouse, a dainty necklace, bold earrings, black capris trouser pants, and fun animal print pointed toe ballet flats. For a more casual look pair it with a fun striped shirt, black joggers, crochet boat shoes, and red lips(any type of jewelry can be paired with this outfit). For hair a nice messy chignon would look great. 


The bowler hat is another classier style that is easy to dress up. You can use the same outfit choices from the fedora but for a more fun take try to pair this hat with a floral baby doll dress, knee high socks, short laced up booties, a distressed denim jacket, and a simple watch. For a more casual outfit try a patterned maxi skirt, a simple tee, cute sandals and some arm candy. For hair opt for a break from heat and showcase your natural hair with a fun pinky/purpley tone lip. 

These are just three hats for now, I will do more hat and other neglected accessories in future blog posts! 


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