Saturday, March 7, 2015

What To Do With Your Old Magazines?

No matter what I do I can not bring myself to throw out my fashion magazines. Over the February Break I cleaned out my room by donating, throwing out, and organizing everything, I was surprised at how much I could let go , but the one thing left is a giant stack of Vogue, Instyle, & Teen Vogue, which I can not seem to part with. If you face the same dilemmas I do I have some great DIYs on how to recycle your old magazines and convince yourself they are worth keeping. 

1. Collage

The first time I made this craft with my cousin it was super easy and fun to do, trust me after you make one you won't be able to stop.   
  1. magzines(it can be any magazines that is written about what you are passionate about)
  2. glue/mod podge(try to avoid liquid glue because it will show up through the magazine paper)
  3. paper, poster board or a canvas 
  4. scissors 
A collage has no set direction, find some pictures or phrases that you like in the magazine and cut them out. I recommend to first lay the pieces on your canvas or paper until you reach your ideal arrangement. Then all you have to do is glue it down!

2. Basket

Yep, You read right you can actually weave a basket out of magazines. When I first saw this I thought it was going to be really hard it just takes some getting use to, but once you get into the groove it will become easier.  
I am sure there are many different ways to do this, but I will tell you how I did it. Since I am a visual learner I know it can be hard to read these steps and know how to make it so i also included a video on how to do it. (this is another way to do it) 

Materials Steps 
1. Magazines
2. scissors 
3. glue 
4. cardboard
5. paint (optional) 
6.pencil/ thin stick 

  1. cut out two cardboard circles or squares
  2.  place the pencil at the bottom right corner and fold the corner over the pencil and start rolling until you form a tube shape. 
  3. remove the pencil and apply glue to the corner securing it in place 
  4. flatten it down and make as many as needed to cover around your cardboard piece
  5. after you glue down the strips place the second cardboard piece and top and secure it together 
  6. Then make more strips and place the bottom and top halts into another tube connecting them 
  7. As you connect them weave them through the pieces on the bottoms until you reach your desired height. 
Hope you enjoyed and found a new way to recycle your old magazines!


  1. I really like this post in particular because it is informative, creative, as well as relatable. I would love to see more posts involving DIY.

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely have more planned in the future :)


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