Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Resolution

I have many New Year resolutions, but for fashion it is very simple. Dress presentable anywhere & everywhere I go. I want to be ale to be confident in all the outfits I wear, because lets face it you never know who you are going to run into. 

 -Coco Chanel-
-coco chanel-

But wearing presentable outfits every single day doesn't sound that comfortable, and I am not one to sacrifice comfort. Of course jeggings are an amazing option, but sometimes all you want to wear are sweats. So for those days, here are ways to style them to still look presentable yet remain comfortable.

When choosing the fit of your sweatpants try to go for a pair that is tighter than one that is loose and baggy. You definitely don't want to loose your shape. 

Try not to wear sneakers that will instantly revert you back to the cliché idea of sweatpants. Try to wear high heels or other fancier shoes you wouldn't usually think of wearing with lounge wear. 

For the top try to go for a simple tight fitted top. You will already have some layers of either jackets or  necklaces so in order to not overpower the top or cause the outfit to clash, a simple top is better. 
Finish off the outfit with some nicer accessories. 

Have a happy & healthy new year, & let me know any resolutions you have for 2015.


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