Sunday, December 14, 2014

T'is The Season of Giving

I know you may be all making your list of all the awesome presents you want this year, but remember this is also the season of giving.

But when you give you should also gain. It is important to do something for the community that you also enjoy, that is why I joined, Glamour Gals. Glamour Gals is an organization that gives back to the elderly."After losing her own grandmother in 1999, Rachel founded Glamour Gals in her memory. Glamour Gals connects two generations through meaningful embrace and conversation." 


Every other week I visit the elderly at a senior center and do their nails. Instead of yelling at yourself every time you smudge a nail,  use your beauty skills in a way that is much more appreciated. The first time I visited the senior center it was such a rewarding experience, the women there were so thankful for just being there! I  first did Mrs. Merriam's nails and she told me about her previous history of being a soldier in Israel! These women have so many stories waiting to be shared; so why don't you be the ones they share it to.

There are so many other organizations to take part in throughout the year; find the one that best fits you!


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