Friday, December 5, 2014

Trend Watch

The best way to kick off this holiday season in style is with the latest warm & fashionable trend, fur vests. You have all probably seen them at one point or another this month (my mom even has one). 
. Whether it was on the street, online, in stores, etc.

Whether you immediately feel hate, love, or a mixture of the two towards this risky trend, it can be difficult to style. With such a bold piece you need  find the perfect balance between under and overwhelming. The easiest choice here is to go for a minimalist style pairing it with a plain solid black & white top and bottom. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice your personal style just to enjoy this trend. 


I gathered some different options that you can use to create your bohemian rendition of the fur vest. 
                                                         Dressy                                   Casual 
                                                            ↡                                            ↡
                                                          dress                                top & bottom
                                                      ⇙           ⇘                               ⇙        ⇘
                                                     long      short                        shorts    skirt
                                                      ⇙            ⇘                            ⇙               ⇘
                                            floppy hat     head piece              tights        thigh high socks
                                                   ⇙                ⇘                         ⇙                     ⇘
                                              tights            socks              layered bracelets    layered necklaces
                                                 ⇙                    ⇘                      ⇙                           ⇘
                            layered necklaces      layered bracelets          moccasins                        boots
                                              ⇙                        ⇘                    ⇙                              ⇘
                                         boots                    sandals         nude lips                           dark lips

Take these different clothing items and mix & math it to create your ideal outfit....& don't forget the vest. 


For the classic vintage style there is a little less of a free spirit, but that doesn't mean you should not experiment with the different outfit ideas. So here is your vintage vest style checklist, check as many or as little as you want when creating your outfit. 
  • fur vest (DUH!) 
  • oversized sunglasses 
  • classic simple jewelry pieces 
  • little black dress 
  • black tights 
  • high heels 
  • a large handbag or clutch 

How will you be styling your fur vest this month?


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  1. I love all your blog posts! They are super informative and inspiring :)


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