Sunday, August 21, 2016

Le Tour D'Eiffel

K-dujour goes to Paris!!
X Paris Day 1 X

I recently just came back from a month away in Europe, my first stop being the city of love. I too had the cliché little girl dream of going to Paris and experiencing it in person surely did not disappoint. Since I have an insane amount of pictures from my trip and have such a difficult time narrowing it down, I figured I would split my pictures up into separate days. The first day I was there was the infamous, Le Tour D'Eiffel. 

One thing I definitely would not recommend is visiting during big events such as the Euro Cup. It was utter chaos and not to mention a giant soccer ball hanging in the middle of the tower. (Here I of again being predictable) But it was truly incredible being on top of the tower after all the years of dreaming what it would be like. 


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