Friday, August 12, 2016

Wardrobe Melody

X Album Cover Inspiration X

I have a new found appreciation for music and have been listening more and more. However I can't just stop at finding inspiration in the lyrics, melody or even the artist. I have grown to love the different art on each album cover. 

Since my greatest driving force and what is most often on my mind is fashion, I even managed to connect the already joined music and art to style. For the covers I chose from artists I enjoy as well as covers that I am just genuinely drawn to. 

"pretty things"
The perfectly manicured nail and mascara coated lashes is someone who definitely cares for a polished appearance. For this cover I invasion outfits composed of trendier pieces. The nail in the eye narrowed down my trendy inspirations for ones with a slight edge. 

"night lights harmony"
The light-heartedness and usage of "harmony" is someone who is care free for the little downs in life but hopeful for the future and good. This is a definite bohemian look, breezy and colorful just like this cover. 

The pink petals can be mistaken for a girly look, but the box that encompasses the words brings it to a more classic look. There is hints of femininity but overall a polished yet not too high-strung look

"magic whip"
This is the most rebellious of the covers so it calls for the more rebellious outfit. A mainly black and white outfit with little neon color blocking. This keeps it modern yet retro. 

You can gain inspiration from anywhere for anything so open your eyes and take a look at things you love from a new perspective. 


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