Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lack of Color

Black. White. No in between.

I can remember when this trend first started looking at it with disbelief. I couldn't understand why people would block out color from their life and was quoted with saying "I will never do that." But as I began to take a look at my outfits, my closet, and the contents of my shopping bag I realized that I was falling into the same trap.

Now I use the term trap loosely (for now) because I can not yet determine what I should make my opinion of it. 

I love simplicity and fine lines yet I also crave excitement. So while I may save a whole other post for my detailed opinion (or maybe not as I review the idea again), I am more focused as to why. 

Why have we progressively shied away from color to immerse ourselves in a monochromatic society? Although the rainbow has snuck its way back to some in small doses, black and white still reigns supreme.

What has also gone back in style, Polaroids and record players. Of course not serving much practical use, but instead adds a vintage touch to a modern world. Signifying people's cry for the past placed in the present.

Could black and white also be a tribute to the past. While black and white movies may be a stretch people back then (whenever then may be for you) dressed with much more sophistication and purpose than the pajamas adorning the streets in 2015. 


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  1. I just found you on bloglovin and I love your blog!This post is so nice and I can relate to it a lot!Everything in my closet and shoes are black!And the other day I was shopping with my mum and my sister,and my mum asked me to choose which shirt she should buy-the darke one or the bright colored one.And of course I chose the dark one.Then my sister jumped in and said:why are you asking her?you know she doesn't like colors,go for the bright one.And I thought to myself,that is not true.Its not that I don't like colors,its that I love black more than any other color.To me,everything looks better in black!xx

    sorry for writing so long.I am really inspired by this post haha.

    1. Thank you so much, I love that inspired you! Haha and I can totally relate every time I go shopping my cart is a sea a black clothing. Maybe we can through a few colored pieces in our wardrobe for 2016!


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