Sunday, October 18, 2015

20 Blog Post Ideas (That will get you out of your rut)

Will help you get out of your rut and work through your writers block

It is easy to get into a rut when you are a blogger. There is always the challenge of presenting fresh new content that will still appeal to your average audience. So I compiled a list of 20 blog post ideas to help you get a good quality post up even when your imagination/inspiration is not there. 

1.Whats in your bag. Let people have a look at what you carry with you everywhere you go. 
2.Monthly/ Weekly Favorites. What are you currently loving at the moment that you could recommend to your readers. 
3.Routines. Whether it be morning, night or day, give people an inside look at what you do, eat, or what products you use. 
4.Top social media picks. Scour through your favorite social media gurus and share some of your favorite photos. 
5.How did you get started? Tell people what inspired you start blogging in the first place. 
6. Answer Questions. Tell your readers to ask you some questions and give them the answers, it is as easy as that. 
7.Favorite makeup look. Show a tutorial on your go to makeup look this season. 
8.DIY. Feature a craft project that is specific to the season or any time of the year. 
9.Haul. Share some of the clothes, makeup, or miscellaneous you bought. 
10.Tour. Give a tour of your work space or any other part of your home. 
11.Review.Give a review on something you loved or hated (just don't be too harsh) 
12.Unboxing. Get a bunch of samples sent to your house every month, give us a look at what you got. 
13.Trend. Let us know your favorite trend at the moment. 
14.Tag. There are loads of tags (questions) out there find one that you like and answer it.
15.List. Share a list of what you want whether it be makeup, clothes, gadget, etc. 
16.Outfit. Got a cute outfit? Take some pictures and let everyone where you got your great look from. 
17.Scents. Share some of your favorite perfumes or candles. 
18.Hairstyle. Show us how to do your go-to hairstyle. 
19.Top Picks Makeup. Share your favorite makeup products from your collection. 
20.Top Picks Clothes. Share your all time favorite clothing items from your closet. 

Hope this is helpful for any time you are stuck, just have fun with it you can end up making something great!


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