Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The New Classic

The classic youtuber outfit, nice top, pajama bottoms. Although I don't speak from that perspective I do find myself 'dolling' up for the public even if I am just leaving my house for 10 minutes. 

I am not saying that you shouldn't look presentable in public (whatever that truly means anyway), but I am, like most of my posts, asking why. 

Is it because we feel comfortable wearing those high heeled boots and movement prohibiting jeans or that we feel safer when people look at us. 

The only reason that I know the "common youtuber outfit" without being one myself is that they tend to point it out. Maybe in a way to seem more relatable. 

Don't get me wrong I love youtube and think that the immediate content they make is revolutionary. But if telling you that they are wearing pajama bottoms make them more relatable how come they just show you their fancy top, jewelry, and perfectly contoured face. 

This is not a reason to cry "Essena O'Neil", rather to think if you do the same. 

It is to promote to feel comfortable in what you wear. If you feel comfortable rocking leggings while out and about go for it. Or if you love makeup and feel confident doing a full face to take a trip to the super market be my guest. 

But you don't have to keep up a false front (or top) just to be accepted. I personally love fashion so I tend to dress up a little more when I leave the house because it makes me feel good. 

You don't have to pretend to be a better version of yourself when a camera is near because the real you will always win. 


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  1. I agree to this! I also found looking good on the outside just to be accepted to the others is not the best way to be confident with myself. This is such a great post to read for everyone's self esteem & Thanks xx

    Kayleeć…£JK's Dawn

    1. Absolutely, it is crucial that you feel confident and happy with yourself and people can achieve that in different ways. I am glad you liked the post!

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