Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Clothing & Room Inspiration

Easter is really the first big event where you can show off your fun new spring clothes, so make it count. I will show you different outfits from casual to fancy to wear this upcoming Sunday and show you how you can decorate your room. Don't celebrate Easter? Not a problem! The decoration & outfits can be used for whatever you do or don't have planned. 


If you have something special planned or your in the mood to be fancy, a nice dress is the perfect solution. Floral is an obvious choice, but if you are searching for something different try crochet, lace, polka dots, stripes, or just a simple solid spring color. Since a lot of these involved patterns you want to keep it simple with accessories, I say go for some bracelets or a cute headband instead of a huge statement necklace.    


I realized there is not a name for in-between fancy and casual (unless there is and I just don't know it) so I am calling this look semi-formal. While a skirt may be an obvious choice, I think jumpsuits and rompers are the perfect choice. Use your best judgement when styling based on the color and print of your romper or jumpsuit. Usually I don't recommend pumps because they are  not comfortable and sink into the grass, but for this piece I think it will be perfect, because it will add that extra glam and elongate the leg. 


Even though you may dress casual doesn't mean you have to be boring, step out your comfort zone and try some colorful pants. Colorful pants are perfect for spring and add a cheerful vibe to any outfit. Pair it with a neutral top that has intricate detail like lace or a scalloped bottom. You can also use the other pieces shown above and add different elements to make it casual like pairing a dress with canvas sneakers for an unexpected twist. 

Floral Bunting 

  1. Scissors 
  2. glue 
  3. paper (colored optional) 
  4. fake flowers 
  5. string 
  1. Take your paper (I recommend a color that blends wit the flower so if there are any spaces they aren't as noticeable) and cut out as many triangles needed to fill your wall space. 
  2. Take your string and cut the appropriate amount 
  3. Take your triangle pieces and fold the edge around the string and secure with tape or glue (this will allow you to move the individual pieces) 
  4. Now take your fake flowers and glue them onto every or every other so that no blank spaces are showing 
  5. If you decided to do every other triangle piece add a design onto the blank ones (I put different shapes around the borders) 
  6. Finally hang up your bunting on any wall space with poster tape and add flowers where the tape is for a more finished look

I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you try any looks or the decoration out. 
Have a Hoppy Easter! (sorry i couldn't resist) 


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