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Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

I usually wouldn't this kind of post because I am a strong believer in doing something you love; not for the fame and fortune. That being said I know it can sometimes be frustrating. Frusturating in the sense that you may in fact love what you do, but you want to share it with the World. This isn't the easiest thing. Although it is important not to gloat it can be important to self promote and here are some ways that will make it easier.

This post will focus on the social media aspect of promoting. Most of you probably already have personal accounts of instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc. But when building a blog you are building your own business. 
Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

With a business you can't have those premature duck faces haunting your life, you need something a little more professional to say the least. 

While it is still important to be yourself, without revealing TOO much of course, you want to present the more polished side of your life, even if it doesn't exist yet. 
Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

Now I personally know that putting your personal life on the internet can take some getting used to.It is important to feel comfortable especially in your own business so you may want to start with social media platforms where you don't necessarily need to show your own pictures, such as pinterest and tumblr. 
Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

These sights will allow people to see your interests without necessarily seeing you. 

While reflagging and pinning stuff that you like it is also important to share some of your own stuff. This mix will avoid people seeing you as selfish since your page isn't solely your own work, which can also bring about collaboration opportunities. For example, on pinterest I have my url under my name so people immediately know about it, as well as a board for my blog posts. This will allow people to see you exist without cramming it down their throat. 
Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

Another great website I like to use is Google+. If you are a google blogger every time you upload a post it will give you the option to share it on your page, giving even more exposure without the hassle. 

It is also important to join communities that share your interest. In these communities you can share your blog posts (without being too spammy) and also find other great reads. But beware, every time you upload to a community it will show up on your page unless you turn off the settings.

Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

The most obvious place would be Bloglovin' it is a website set up solely to promote your blog. It is the perfect platform to share your posts and follow some of your favorite blogs. 
Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

My number one tip for all social media is to follow, follow, follow. Always be on the search for other blogs you admire and follow them! This will get your name out there and may even lead the person you followed to look at your blog. 

That being said if someone follows you, you should follow them back too. This in my mind is common courtesy and may also build a relationship between the two of you. 
Simple tips to gain a MASSIVE following

Whatever you decide to do make sure you enjoy doing it because if you don't there is absolutely no point. 


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  2. Great advice. I love bloglovin for promoting my posts :)

    1. Thank you so much! Bloglovin' is my favorite too since it is so easy to promote your blog and find other great ones!

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